Instructions for delivery of print-ready PDF print file

File type: PDF file (.pdf) - Portable Document Format


A print-ready PDF file must, as a starting point, be delivered in the exact size (1: 1) according to the ordered product. For large format products such as outdoor banners, facade advertisements, advertising flags, etc. we recommend that the print-ready PDF file is delivered in 10% of the original size.

We accept PDF files up to 200 MB.

Fonts / Fonts:

All files must be uploaded as vector-based graphics. Vector-based graphics are files that consist of curves.

This means that all fonts and fonts must be contoured before generating the PDF file.


We recommend working with vector graphics that can be scaled upwards without loss of quality and resolution. However, if you work with bitmap files (images), we recommend that you follow these instructions:

Products that are to be seen from a long distance, such as outdoor banners, facade banners, scaffolding banners, beach flags, advertising flags, etc. can be charged in the following resolution in size 1: 1:

Viewing distance of more than 20 meters: at least 15 dpi

To work with such low resolutions, it is required that the original image has been taken by a professional photographer and not compressed for e.g. web usage.

Other products that are digitally printed should have a resolution of at least 150 dpi in size 1: 1.

Posters, business cards, stationery, envelopes, etc. which is printed in offset must have a resolution of at least 300 dpi in size 1: 1.


The print-ready PDF files must in most cases be delivered in CMYK. Some products must be delivered in Pantone colors. See exact information for each product.

If you want an exact color, please send us the number of your Pantone colors. However, we reserve the right to color conversion and color deviations because not all Pantone colors can be converted to CMYK and the same color may look different depending on the material you print it on.

Complaints regarding color conversion from Pantone to CMYK will not be processed. No two screens are alike and the colors that can be seen on a screen, both on a computer and mobile / tablet, are for guidance only and should not be expected to correspond to final print.

If you have a black background color that you want in deep black, we usually recommend this CMYK value: C60 M50 Y50 K100 which gives "bluish black".

If you want "reddish black" instead, you can use the following values: C40 M50 Y40 K100. These values are indicative and may differ depending on the printing method and material on which it is printed. Contact us if you have questions about the colors.

Color profiles:

For printing and printing on our banner qualities and coated paper, we recommend "Fogra39 (ISO 12647-2: 2004)".

For printing and printing on uncoated paper (uncoated paper with a matte surface), we recommend "Fogra29 (ISO 12647-2: 2004)".

If you are unsure how to associate the recommended color profiles in your print-ready PDF - then avoid using any kind of color profile.


For some products pruning is necessary and for other products no pruning is needed. See additional information for each product. For example, banners (outdoor and indoor) should not be delivered with pruning.

Upload your print-ready PDF print file and attach it to your order:
When attaching your print file, it is important that you do so in the correct order:

1) If you are an account customer, you must first log in. If you are a private customer, you do not need to log in.

2) Find your product and choose a variant of the product (variants can be number, weight, size, etc.)

3) Upload your print-ready PDF print file. Once you have uploaded your print file, you can see it in the field "Select a file from your archive here" with a thin blue frame around it

4) If you want to upload several PDF files, enter them all in a single PDF and click on the file in the field "Select a file from your archive here" to link it to the order - so that it has a thin blue frame around sig

5) Then put the product in the shopping cart

6) Go to the checkout and complete the payment.

File control:

All files we receive are checked in accordance with our guidelines and templates. If the file is approved, we will start production. If the file does not follow our guidelines, we will contact you and agree in more detail on a future process.

Contact Us:

Write to us at [email protected] if you have questions regarding correct PDF print files.

Let Us Print takes no responsibility for the quality of submitted files or for the use of incorrect color profiles.

We wish you a lot of fun during your visit to our web shop.

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